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         Sea's work is focused on documenting the universal and raw, prioritizing themes of connection, intimacy, loneliness, otherness, and bodily autonomy. They often work from images of their own body as a means of reconnecting their body and mind, and reconciling with their body/past/trauma. Visually, they focus on and/or are most drawn to fat bodies, gender non-conformity, and an array of mixed media aesthetics. Musically, they use writing/singing to expose their vulnerabilities, and share experiences that often feel lonely and personal, but are actually quite universal. They're fixated on how, the more we zoom into the details of our lives and personal experiences, the more overlap we find we have in common. There's power and tenderness in revealing the things that make us feel vulnerable.

         Sea Dax is a fat trans visual artist, singer/songwriter, and general weirdo creative with a strong desire to keep their personal touch and heart visible in their work. They moved to Cincinnati in 2008 to pursue their BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and expand their creative knowledge. They have since remained in Cincinnati, In July, they release their debut EP "Six," and are currently in process of designing a tarot deck they've been working towards for many years.

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