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Sea's work is primarily autobiographical, featuring self portraiture, work of/about people in their life, personal writing, and collections/collages of years of personal ephemera. His work is intimate in both physicality and content. There are often themes of nostalgia, longing, meaning-making, and ponderings on the efficacy of memory. They also prioritize featuring imagery of fat and trans bodies in his work.

"Art is the place we go when language fails us." - Alok Vaid Menon

         Sea Dax is a fat trans visual artist, singer/songwriter, poet, mender, DIYer, and general goober with a strong desire to keep their personal touch and heart visible in his work. They moved to Cincinnati in 2008 to pursue their BFA from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and expand his creative knowledge. They have since remained in Cincinnati. In July 2022, they released their debut EP "Six," and are currently in process of designing a tarot deck they've been working towards for many years.

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